It is said that the worlds were not always as they are now, that once they aligned around good and evil, chaos and order, and in the center, neutrality. The gods do not speak of it, but there are yet whispers of other gods and other realms that stood with or against those we know.

Once there were a few gods who desired to dominion over everything. Their names have been lost to time. They managed what none had before, and together wrested a great power out of the hands of the gods. United in purpose, they tried to replace the gates between the planes, that they alone would control the ways between worlds. We do not know what they did, but their stolen power turned on them. There was indeed unmaking and remaking, but according to no one’s plan. The rest of the gods and their champions tried to force back the tide. A great many sacrificed themselves to sever the connection between the renegade power and the gates, bu they succeeded, every corner of all worlds, all planes, all places felt the shock of their ending. It was called the Godslaying.

To save all that was, much was lost and much was changed, but it was not the end of the tale. Pieces of that power, infused with the living, divine essence of its usurpers and then shattered, spread across the worlds. Most of the pieces were too small to survive alone and simply ceased to be. The largest, some so big they beggared belief, became one with the lands on which they appeared, changing them into the Echolands, places of great desolation and danger. Some large pieces held a spark of divine will and, after a time, began to live on their own. They formed bodies and became the devas, who wander the world trying to remember. Last are the small-but-not-too-small pieces, the echostones. Some conformed to the shape of the places they came to rest, such that only those of great discernment can see them for what they are. Others shine with power and are easy to find. Many have been found, but countless more have yet to be found.


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