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September 4-5, Year of the Wasp

  • Olaf Eifursson brings a message from his “uncle” Obrin Clearhorn: the dwarf takes responsibility for the attack two days ago but had not intended it to happen; he delegated the task of hiring humans to someone who misinterpreted his wishes and hired cutthroats instead.
  • Announcements are posted around the Crossing that the kingdom has declared this area to be a new incorporated Lake Province, of which the Crossing shall be the seat. A provincial council will be put together in the months to come.
  • After meeting the group, Olaf brings them to meet Clearhorn, who apologizes for the mistake. He is certain someone has made it appear he was after Lord Katam’s echostone and that he hired Morfheus. He would be much obliged if they found out what was actually going on. He cannot be shown to have spoken to them in public, as this would only increase suspicion that he was involved, so he cannot provide them with any direct thanks beyond the money he gave them as a peace offering via Olaf. However, he knows of some work that the party may be able to do that could be lucrative for them.
Things get rolling.

Things that happened, quick-and-dirty style. I’ll edit as needed in order to get everything caught up. Feel free to let me know if I forgot anything—in fact, consider that a standing invitation.

Events took place in the week prior to 1 September – 2 September, Year of the Wasp. Those days themselves are when this session was actually played

  • Morfheus and 4 others were hired by an oily little man representing Obrin Clearhorn to steal an echostone from Lord Katam. Before they could even lay eyes on it, though, they were set upon by thugs. Morfheus was thought by his fellow hirelings to be dead, so they stripped him of his cloak and left his body at the temple of the Raven Queen. Whiskers was charged by Jorin, a fellow cleric, with cleaning him for burial in the catacombs with all of the other unnamed dead in the Crossing. Instead, he found the man was alive and healed his wounds. He has only fuzzy memories of what happened after the attack; he can remember small details about those he was hired with, but no names or affiliations.
  • Kasharaht and three of his brethren went to the Crossing’s open-air market to sell their much-sought after wares. Ari, wandering into town from the south, came upon the market and began looking for useful odds and ends among the junk dealers. She found the head and jaw of a construct. At some point someone snuck a corpse under one of the junk dealer’s tarps; it was the body of a man with a red topknot and no other hair, apparently beaten to death. As the two of them were among the most unusual-looking people present, the Watch officer who showed up questioned them first, then instructed them not to leave town.
  • Finding himself unwelcome at the Raven Queen’s temple after his awakening, Morfheus leaves, only to be taken for questioning by the Watch upon his walking out. They escort him to The Hog and Boot, the tavern which was his last known whereabouts before the failed heist. The Watch suspect him of having participated in the act but have yet to prove it.
  • Kash and Ari go to get acquainted a the selfsame taven, where they see the Hunters Dimo and Horace come in to get a drink and toast their brother Orvig, who is right at that moment being hanged in the square for murder.
  • Jorin leaves the temple under mysterious circumstances. When the call comes for them to come to the gallows and take away the hanged men, it falls to Whiskers to do the job. He Orvig hanging from a noose; being exceptionally hard to kill, Orvig was waiting patiently for the square to empty so he could escape. When Whiskers checked him and found him to be alive, Orvig prevailed upon him to aid in his getting away unseen, after which he helped Whiskers take the other corpse to the temple.
  • While this is happening the Watch sergeant and his men bring Morfheus to the Hog and Boot, where his effects are waiting for him, his room having been emptied for use by paying customers. Oddly, his cloak is there, neatly folded. Inside the cloak is a small wooden sphere, which he secrets in his loose trousers.
  • Whiskers receives the delivery of the corpse from the market; he notes that there is a circular burn mark in the crook of his left arm, like he had been carrying something round and hot.
  • The sphere begins to heat up. The two Hunters greet him and ask why he’s got an echostone in his pants. After joking with him, they return to their seats. Kash telepathically hears the conversation. Morfheus goes outside to take the orb out of his pants. Dimo and Horace follow. Kash and Ari follow them out of concern. After wrapping it such that is not touching his body, he finds himself in an alley with two Hunters, who say they have been paid by Lord Katam to retrieve the stone. Ari tells them to leave him alone. Morfheus uses the distraction to make a run for it. The Hunters chase, followed at a distance by Ari and Kash.
  • A skill challenge ensuses as the group passes the Raven Queen’s Temple; the party succeeds in distracting the Hunters, joined now by Orvig, in order to permit Morfheus to escape. The Hunters, rather than being enraged, are disappointed that they will have to keep hunting. It is now nightfall; Kasharaht remembers too late that his people will have closed the gate to the city for the night and he must make accommodations for himself. The Raven Queen’s temple doors are open for sanctuary to all until midnight, so Ari, Kash, and the three Hunters bed down there.
  • On the way in, Orvig notes off-handedly that Jorin is lying dead in the alley. He died gaping in horror with a large stab wound through the center of his chest.
  • Sweet-talking an older woman whose house is across the street from the back of the temple, he rents her upstairs room and experiments with the sphere. He finds that it grows hot when touched but cools after being left alone. He puts it in a bowl of water so its mystic scent cannot be found by the Hunters while he sleeps.
  • Ari managers to put the jaw in the construct head, causing its mouth to shut and a hatch to open underneath it. It grows unearthly cold; at the same time, the water in the bowl in Morfheus’s room freezes.
  • An acolyte comes to Whiskers with Content Not Found: jorinscroll covered in strange writing. None of the party can make out the language, but with some research it is found to be written in two different tongues.
  • The next morning Morfheus fails to impersonate a beggar so he can watch the temple to see if he can catch a glimpse of Whiskers. Ari and Kasharaht take turns trying to dissuade him. Ari asks about the sphere. Morfheus ignores her questions, so she uses her magical senses to sense his hiding place, bribes his landlady, and retrieves the sphere. Back in the temple cloister, she puts the sphere in the hatch in the head. It comes to life and identifies itself as 439. It sends out a telepathic “thank you” to the last three people to care for its brain: Morfheus, the dead man on the slab, and Lord Katam. The actual echostone falls out of the head.
  • Kasharaht returns to the market, where his brother tells him that some problems back home with their father necessitate that he (Kash) stay on his own for a couple of weeks. He returns to the temple.
  • In the alley Morfheus is confronted by a man claiming to be employed by Obrin Clearhorn, demanding to know who really hired Morfheus. When he will not say, they attack him. Kash arrives just in time to join the fray; after the battle reaches the temple door Ari joins in, and when they breach the door Whiskers assists. Along with some aid from the temple acolytes, they defeat the assailants.
  • Upon her return, the temple priestess told Whiskers that he and his are always welcome there, but that she felt that destiny had other plans for him and that he should seek his fortunes outside the temple. She released him from his service with the blessings of the Raven Queen.

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