Olaf Eifursson

Legendary miner. Consummate drunk. Dabbling hero.


Olaf, son of the great hero Eifur, hails from the southern Mountainhomes. After spending years honing his strength and skill searching for mithril in the great mountains, Olaf has become bored with the life of a miner. After unearthing journals chronicling Eifur’s heroics in the last Goblin War, Olaf found a new purpose.

Sadly, the time of dwarven heroes appears to be over. The last goblin tower within a hundred miles was toppled nearly a century ago. Olaf entered into a dark mood. He started drinking less. Sensing an impending disaster, Baron Dokkadan had an idea. He told Olaf to visit his second cousin Obrin Clearhorn, to the north. Though the impenetrable Mountainhomes had no need of heroes, fellow dwarves on the surface needed all the help they could get in the world of the tall ones.

Olaf was renewed. After a magnificent banquet in which much dwarven ale was quaffed, Olaf strapped his hammer and crossbow to his back, saddled his war donkey, and set out to see Clearhorn.

Olaf Eifursson

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