Echostones are one of two kinds of unstable remnants of the Godslaying (the other being Echolands). They range in size between four and twenty-four inches across. The forms they take are numerous.

The things echostones have been known to do are numerous. Some have imbued objects or places with magic properties. People have been known to absorb echostone energy bodily and take on new power. It takes a great deal of study to know what to do with a given stone, and some are easier to know than others. Many have not yet been understood; they are kept for study or as heirlooms by the rich, the important, or the few who can keep a secret. At first stonelore was an amiable study, but as it became clear just how potentially powerful echostones are, cooperation gave way to avarice and information is now jealously guarded. The value of echostones varies; some lands fear what echostones may be used to do and will have no dealings with them, while others have a high demand for them and will pay handsomely.

Stones can be detected by Hunters and those who have studied them extensively.

Echostones the party has encountered include:

  • a stone hidden within the wooden “brain” of 439, the retrieval of which provided gifts to each of the party members.


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