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For ease of play (and GM laziness), this world is also referred to as Earth. It has other designations for those who come from other worlds, but its inhabitants do not use them.


  • Ari, a deva artificer.
  • Whiskers, a shifter cleric who serves the Raven Queen.
  • Morfheus, a human rogue.
  • A genasi from the distant past, recently freed from his imprisonment.

Past players

  • Olaf Eifursson, a drunken dwarf tavern-brawler from the southern mountains.

Campaign Sessions by Chapter.

Chapter 1: Things Come Together

In which the party meets in Lake Crossing because of a pair of unusual events: the theft of an echostone from a prominent lord and the apparent murder of someone involved with the theft.

Dates of play: 3/6/10, 3/21/10, 4/25/10, 6/12/10, 7/17/10, ?, 9/25/10

Chapter 2

In which something else happens.

Dates of play:

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